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⚠️ This webpage is still under construction. But if you've come all the way here, take a look around! 😊

Design works🪄

Introducing our recent design works.
We pursue user experience designs that make people feel positive and peaceful.

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Introducing our recent publications on human-centered design research. We strive to understand people and find ways to shape a better future through design.

Research publications🔬

Hi, SuJeong!😍

SuJeong Lee joined Next interface lab as a new master's student. She dreams to design a pragmatic utopia. She has a lot of experience in socal impact design projects and design thinking. SuJeong holds Bachelor’s degree in industrial design from KAIST.

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Soojeong Lee joined our lab as a new master's student. She graduated ID KAIST with first place. She is interested in UX design and design that changes society. 

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