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Sangsu Lee

Sangsu Lee is an associate professor at the Industrial Design Department at KAIST. He received his Ph.D. at the Human-Centered Interaction Design Lab at KAIST, then worked as a UX Lead at Samsung Mobile, designing user interfaces for the Galaxy series. He now leads the Next Interface lab at KAIST, which focuses on designing more natural and human-centered interfaces and user experiences based on a deep understanding of human needs and an insight into the ever-evolving technologies and societal trends. His research interests lie in the field of human-computer interaction, with a focus on practical design research that bridges the gap between academic research and industry practice. He is also currently leading the NH Investment & Security - KAIST UX Design Research Center.

Sunok Lee

Sunok is undergoing a Ph.D. candidate at the Next Interface Lab. She has graduated from Hongik University, majoring in fine art sculpture and metal arts & design. With a creative artistic approach, her research focusing on art-based design methodology for speculative AI. She is passionate about designing a better user experience of future technology through Art x HCI.

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Minha Lee

Minha Lee earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Design from KAIST and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. She enjoys identifying research areas that are timely and in need of exploration and applying useful design approaches to enhance the user experience. She has research experience in user-centered design for conversational user interfaces and remote collaboration (especially videoconferencing). Currently, her doctoral research interests involve exploring areas where sustainable HCI design can be meaningfully considered in the ecosystem of digital services and searching for sustainable solutions that can be adopted in the industry.

Yeon Soo Kim

Yeon Soo is undergoing a Masters in Science degree at the Next Interface Lab. She has graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design. With a background in toy-making and experience in designing for children, her passion lies in designing for society’s weak and the elderly. Currently, her research focuses on accessibility; she hopes for a future where the divergent user experiences of disabled and abled people become coalescent. 


Yunjae J. Choi

Yunjae J. Choi joined Next Interface Lab in 2020 as a Master’s student. She graduated Handong Global University after majoring in industrial design and business & management. Her keen interest in users led her to research the multilingual user experience of conversational agents. She is passionate about studying user behaviors and defining design problems with qualitative methods.

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Huisung Kwon

Huisung joined the Next Interface Lab as a new master’s student in 2023. She majored in Culture and Technology and Psychology at Sungkyunkwan University. She aims to help people more conveniently utilize new technologies. Lately, she has been interested in software interfaces for wearable devices, IoT, and autonomous driving cars.


Soyeong Min

Soyeong joined Next Interface Lab in fall 2023, having earned a Bachelor's degree from KAIST's Industrial Design Department. She enthuses about identifying daily life-related issues and uncovering implicit user needs. She is pursuing non-disruptive designs with a positive impact across diverse user groups.



Jonghak Choi

Jonghak Choi began his course of Masters degree since 2021. He studies discovering and applying design value from theoretical concepts related to organizational behavior to designing the user experience. Hoping to become a creative designer who presents attentive content to fit the objective, his interest is in gaining experience in various fields and trying new approaches.

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Wooseok Kim

Wooseok studied industrial design and computer science at KAIST and is currently attending a master's program. He is interested in discovering new empirical problems brought by new technologies. His current research concerns how users can engage in voice conversations without speaking directly in online communication.


SuJeong Lee

SuJeong Lee joined Next interface lab as a new master 's student. She dreams to design a pragmatic utopia. She has a lot of experience in socal impact design projects and design thinking. SuJeong holds Bachelor’s degree in industrial design from KAIST.

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